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About us


To give people the power to drive climate action.

What is The Crowd?

The Crowd is the charity that harnesses the power of collective action to fight against climate change.  The Crowd is the operating name of Climate Giving - a UK registered charity, based in London (registration number: 1180221).

Why The Crowd?

Climate change can be intimidating and confusing, and with such a complicated issue, it can be hard to know what we can do to help.

The Crowd gives you a way to grab hold of climate change and drive action yourself. We strip out the complexity and present you with a collection of great causes, that you can support with a single donation.

We believe that a broad and balanced approach is the right way to take responsible, long-term action, which is why our donors support organisations working around the world, on a diverse range of climate action initiatives.

However, we know this is not a battle we can win with money alone. Personal responsibility is at the heart of any sustainable, long-term approach to climate action. The Crowd is a way to do more for the planet, not a way to justify doing more to it.


How it works

The Crowd takes monthly donations from individual donors. At the end of each month, all donations received in the period are paid out to The Crowd's partner organisations, less a small operational overhead. The breakdown of how donations are used is set out below.


*This is the average processing fee. Our payments provider charges a 1% fee on all donations, with a minimum fee of 20p per payment. The processing fee is therefore more than 2% of donations that are less than £10 and less than 2% when donations are more than £10.

Please remember, the administrative costs and the marketing spend are not the bad guys.

We could pass on all of your donations to your selected organisations, but it would mean we would be standing still. We want The Crowd to grow as big as it can, but to do that, we need to invest internally and promote what we are doing to the world.

We really believe this is the best way to maximise the impact of your donations. For more on this, watch this TED talk by Dan Pallotta.


For more information, please see our Policies and Terms & Conditions

Your impact

Every six months we will report back on the impact that your donations are having across all of our partner organisations. We’re a new charity (launched May 2019) so the first time we’ll do this will be at the end of the year.

Until then we’ll be keeping all our social media followers up to date with stories of the impact you’re having and all the developments at The Crowd. Take a look.

One other thing...

We are a new charity with a big heart and big ambitions. If you think we're getting something wrong or there's something we could do better, please tell us.

Help us improve and grow.  This is your charity.


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