"Bold actions by cities to accelerate progress toward carbon neutrality."

CNCA enables leading cities worldwide that are working aggressively toward a zero-carbon future to advance their own transformational efforts, collaborate with each other and key partners to overcome barriers, foster innovative approaches, and share lessons with other cities ready to pursue similar goals.

The long-term vision of the Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance is that by 2050 or sooner, Alliance member cities will achieve carbon neutrality and that this will engender greater economic prosperity, social equity, enhanced quality of life, and climate resilience for the people and businesses in our cities.

What will your donations do?

Funds paid to CNCA will be used in their ‘Innovation Fund’.

The Innovation Fund, which was created in 2015, invests in high-potential, city-led projects that develop, test, implement and amplify deep decarbonization strategies and practices.

To date, they have invested $2.4 million in 27 early-stage innovation projects targeting transportation, energy-supply, buildings, and waste systems. These projects endeavour to accelerate deep decarbonization around the world by showing the “art of the possible” in urban climate change.

For more detail on these projects, click here.