"Vision: that climate policy in Europe, should be robustly designed to drive rapid, sustainable and cost-effective emissions reductions"

Sandbag is a not-for-profit climate change policy think tank based in Brussels and London.

Their mission is to provide targeted, evidence-based advocacy at the points of highest leverage, creating analysis and data tools that are trusted and consulted by key decision-makers.

Sandbag’s leading principle is: put your effort where it has the biggest impact.

“Sandbag is playing a crucial role in making sure that Europe’s cornerstone climate policy actually does its job.”

Caroline Lucas, MP

What will your donations do?

Funds paid to Sandbag are used in their research and policy campaigning against the continued use of coal.

Coal is the dirtiest form of energy. Sandbag’s research shows that in 2017, coal produced 15% of the EU’s greenhouse gas emissions and in 2015, the latest year for which figures are available, coal was responsible for over 19,500 premature deaths in Europe.

Sandbag provide expert advice for campaigning organisations across Europe, ensuring we are applying the right pressure, at the right time, to close coal power plants.

Their current work in this area focuses on industry’s continued reliance on coal, focusing on making sure that UK and European politicians know how big the industrial coal problem is and what the solutions are. Sandbag will then hold the politicians to account, campaigning for the regulation changes that will make the switch away from coal possible.

Sandbag have already helped to change regulations to stop government subsidies for coal power. Now they’re working to stop subsidies for industrial coal too.

Your donations help make this possible.